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    Natural sounds from the wilderness, used in ambient music, can potentially help us rest, minimize stress, and complement holistic activities like yoga, tai-chi, and meditation.

    The majority of us spend time surrounded by noise makers: automobiles, televisions, and cell phones. Ambient recordings give us refuge from these machine-made sounds. Common sounds used in ambient albums are: ocean waves, creeks, waterfalls, wind, rain, thunder, and birds. Listening to these sounds can have a positive impact on our emotional health. Through experimentation, it is possible to learn how each sound effects your disposition. Every person reacts to such sounds in a slightly different way, but the majority are beneficial.

    - The consistent rhythmic sounds of rain or a waterfall acts similar to a "white sound machine" that masks noise you may not want to hear. For example, the noises made by refrigerators, heaters, and floors that creak.

    - The steadiness of ocean sounds is a definite aid in relaxation and restful sleep.

    - Creeks that make soft gurgling sounds are very well received by the body. They are so gentle and magical as to induce daydreaming.

    - Thunder can help to mask the rumbling sounds which come from motorbikes, loud vehicles, or factories.

    - Singing birds not only have a soothing effect on our souls, they create happiness too.

    - Storm sounds often give us reason to stay inside, cuddle with a loved one or curl up with a good book. 

    - Most nature sounds bring us back in touch with the pure, gentle and elegant aspects within ourselves.  We then wish to align ourselves more with the Earth.

    If you choose to spend time listening to ambient nature sounds, you will surely, in some way, experience the positive results. 

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